Hi, I’m Ashlan and I’m so glad you’re here! I started NeutrallyAshlan my first year in college for fun, I always loved following fashion bloggers and I thought that I could create a fun hobby outside of school. As a college student, I was always shopping on Amazon and other affordable retail stores and this is where my love for Amazon and online shopping started.


I also ended up falling in love with sharing travel guides, must-haves and different culture styles after getting an International Business internship. From this I found my love for all things travel gadgets and essentials.

I decided to drop out of college and work part time in order to focus my free time on growing my social media platforms into my full time career. During this time, I got married to my husband Alex, became a homeowner and was finally able to call social media and content creation my full time career.

I am beyond thankful that NeutrallyAshlan is just getting started and I am so excited for what’s to come! This page is where you can stay up to date on my and my husband Alex’s travel adventures, our puppy, Arlo, our latest house renovations, and our daily trips to our local coffee shop.