Bachelorette Party Themes

There really is nothing better than all of your best girlfriends wanting to get together to spend a weekend celebrating you! In true NeutrallyAshlan fashion, the theme for my Bachelorette was of course, Send Nudes. We spent the weekend going to boozy brunches, delicious dinners and partying the night away in downtown Dallas. Now, let’s take a look at the details: 

The Theme: Send Nudes. All of my guests wore a nude color palette for the weekend. So fitting, I know. 

The Hotel:  Virgin Hotel Dallas The perfect Instagrammable spot for all guests to get their favorite photos of the weekend. I would highly recommend staying here for a Dallas girl’s weekend. 

The Itinerary: 


11:00 AM – Brunch at Restoration Hardware. RH is always the best spot for a girl’s weekend. My favorites are the truffle fries and of course, the charcuterie boards.  I always recommend making a reservation in advance while planning, they fill up quickly. 

Outfit Deets: For brunch, I wanted to keep it casual, so I went with a white pearl tank top, jeans, and sandals. Everyone else wore black with jeans to fit the vibe.

Bachelorette Party Hotel Room

4:30 PM – We held a pregame party in my room to start out the evening. Instead of doing your typical lingerie party, we did swimsuits since my fiance and I were having our wedding in Kauai, Hawaii. We popped champagne, took pictures, and headed to the rooftop bar, The Pool Club at Virgin Hotel Dallas. The Pool Club is only available to hotel guests but, if you are staying there, it definitely starts filling up after 10:00 PM. 

Bachelorette Party Dinner at Drake's Hollywood

6:30 PM – Dinner at Drake’s Hollywood. You can’t go wrong with any of their pizzas and a Hendrick’s martini, straight up, with two olives. 

Bachelorette Party Outfit

Late Night – Common’s Club at Virgin Hotel Dallas. Few things are better than not needing a designated driver, and they even have room service. 

Outfit Deets: MY FAVORITE outfit ever. I wore an oversized white blazer and paired it with a pearl bra underneath that peeped through with stunning Amazon heels. Also, I had to wear a white skirt underneath to keep things in while dancing. Everyone else wore nude outfits of their choice. 


Sleeping in was a true priority after the evening of fun we had on Saturday night. 

Drag Brunch at Virgin Hotel Dallas

12:00 PM – Drag Brunch at Common’s Club. This was a fun experience and a great way to close out an amazing weekend. 

Outfit Deets: Silk corset top with jeans and sandals. Everyone else wore green and denim in honor of our St. Patrick’s Day Wedding. 

Swimsuit Shower

Other Mentionables

All of the bach decor was on point in all neutrals for the weekend. Amazon decor linked below.  

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