Packing all of my outfits for Berlin was easy but, the hard part is getting ALL of my skincare and travel necessities together. I also wanted to try out some new Amazon travel finds since this was going to be a long flight and not only am I going to Berlin, but will be heading to Hawaii only a few days after we get home from Europe. With all of these longer flights coming up, I especially wanted to try this wireless transmitter for my AirPods so I wouldn’t have to use the crappy in-flight headphones when watching movies. It worked really well and I highly recommend it if you have long flights coming up.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love to do my skincare routine in the air as a way to get refreshed in that stale airplane cabin. My favorite things to have are these disposable eye and face masks and my travel ice roller, nothing is more refreshing. Shop all of my finds below.

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