Gift guide page with screenshots of simmer pot, pizza oven, alarm clock, towel warmer, pura diffuser, kindle and nespresso

I don’t know about you but the hardest people to buy gifts for in my life are my parents and Alex’s parents. I’m not sure why but I feel like at the point in their life that they are in, if they want something, they get it for themselves, which leaves little room for figuring out what they could use. This year I wanted to make a curated list of items that I feel are such a joy in my life that could add simple moments to someone’s day that are also practical. One practical item that has truly changed my bedtime routine and my mornings has been my Hatch Alarm Clock. This alarm clock has changed the way I wake up in the morning by waking me up with light versus an aggressive alarm sound and my nighttime routine has just been a lot more enjoyable. Shop all of my gift guides here.

Simmer Pot | Pizza Oven | Hatch Alarm Clock | Towel Warmer | Pura Smart Home Diffuser | Nespresso with Milk Frother | Kindle

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