With all of the beauty products out there, finding the right ones can be difficult. So, I have rounded up 13 of my favorite products from Amazon. From brushes and sunscreen to products spatulas and self-tanning lotion, all of these products are no doubt my favorites in my routine. 

#1 First and foremost, this headband and wristband set. This set went viral on my Instagram & TikTok after sharing for a very good reason. We all hate when we are washing our face over the sink and water floods our elbows and sleeves, these bands are your solution. 

#2 Ilia Skin Tinted SPF Lightweight makeup is all the rage and I personally prefer a product that doesn’t weigh me down and wears well along with my other makeup. I use this as my everyday low-coverage foundation, and the best part, is the 40 SPF because we are all about sun protection around here. 

#3 Speaking of sunscreen, here comes my next favorite item, Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. This sunscreen is untinted and has the best velvety texture. 

#4 & #5 Now, we all know how difficult it is to choose a set of makeup brushes, and I have found a set that combines both quality and quantity without breaking the bank. This set was recommended to me by a makeup artist and I will never turn back. And, don’t forget to keep your brushes clean, these silicone covers are washable and ensure your brushes are bacteria-free. 

#6 & #7 The slick back bun trend, one to love but, one difficult to maintain. I saw this dupe for what Hailey Beiber uses and it pulls together the perfect bun, with no flyaways. But, to ensure all of your hairs are in the right place, you have to pair it with this brush

#8  Blending sponges are the best way to apply foundation and cream blushes but, they can look so dirty even after one use. These blenders are all black and are so affordable so that you can swap them out regularly. 

#9 Think about all the product left at the bottom of your jars of moisturizer and eye creams. This set of beauty spatulas help you get every drop of product out and save your nails from getting caked underneath them. 

#10 & #11 

Two words, Lux Unfiltered. One of my favorite influencers has created a line of self tanning and body care products that are to die for. The Exfoliating Body Polish is the best product for prep for self tanning and the Gradual Hydrating Self Tanner has the most incredible smell and leaves you with a natural color and no streaks or transfer to your comfy white sheets. 

#12 I love a silky lip balm that keeps my lips hydrated all day long. This Collagen Lip Balm is a great dupe for the Laneige Lip Balm. 

#13 Last but not least, something to keep all of your beauty products inside of. This makeup bag has slots for your products and your brushes. 

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