Ok, first things first, I am absolutely obsessed with everything created by the Lux Unfiltered brand. Lux Unfiltered is a newer brand that has taken the tanning world by storm. Their range of tanning products promises to give you a luxurious, natural-looking glow, without any of the harsh chemicals or damaging effects of traditional tanning products.
The next best thing is that Lux Unfiltered is committed to using only the best quality ingredients in its products.

For my pre-tan ritual, I use this Kitsch exfolitating mitt with the Lux Unfiltered Exfoliating Body Polish to eliminate any dry skin, roughness, and residue from my skin. Next, I use the Lux Unfiltered Supernatural Tanning Mousse, it is so easy to use and always gives me a streak-free, natural glow. I love that the color that I get from this tanning mousse isn’t orangy, the smell is like a luxury lotion and the color doesn’t transfer onto any fabrics. This stuff is the real deal and better than any tanning product that I have ever used.

Last, but certainly not least, are my Lux Unfiltered Bronzing Face Drops, these things are no joke and a true staple in my skincare routine to keep my face looking glowy. I apply this in the morning, after my moisturizer, and just let it dry before putting my makeup on over it. It develops throughout the day and you can use it gradually. The more drops you use, the darker the color, so you can build upon the color. I hope you try these out and love them as much as I do! Shop all of the Lux Unfiltered products here.

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