The desire to drop everything and explore the world is back and better than ever so, get your suitcase out and packed for your next adventure. I have rounded up my absolute MUST HAVES when traveling. 

Luggage Set – Affordable but durable luggage is difficult to find. Luckily, I have found a three piece set that comes in tons of colors, all for under $200. I have the color Champage.

Packing Cubes – I didn’t understand the need for packing cubes until I owned a set of my own. The idea of my shoes touching my clean clothes in my suitcase always grossed me out (I used put my shoes in grocery bags) I have since upgraded my grocery bags to this shoe packing cube and it is a game changer. I typically fit 3-5 pairs of shoes in. These clothes packing cubes come in a set of 7 and one of them is a toiletry bag with a waterproof lining that I use for my sunscreen. 

Sunglasses Holder – I am a girl who has to have a pair of sunglasses for each outfit packed for my travels. This travel case was the perfect solution to bring 5 pairs of sunglasses along and keep each of them protected. 

Toiletry Bag – This all-in-one toiletry bag has been the biggest space saver. I used to bring a bag for makeup, one for toiletries, one for makeup brushes, hair tools, etc. Now, I am able to fit all of those items into this one bag. 

Travel Hanging Bag – This is one of my go-tos for weekend trips. It eliminates unpacking and you can organize your clothing on each shelf, fold it up and throw it into your carry on! Click here to watch my video tutorial. 

Silicone Toiletry Travel Bottles – I am all about having travel bottles on hand in order to bring my favorite products with me and avoiding buying one-use travel bottles. These silicone travel bottles are a great color and the silicone material makes them easy to use. Neutral Luggage Tags – I had to have neutral luggage tags to go with my champagne luggage set. These are a set of two and come in 11 different colors.