My husband and I recently embarked on a three-week European vacation that began with Switzerland, and it turned out to be an extraordinary start to our adventure. Switzerland captivated us with its breathtaking landscapes, charming cities, and warm hospitality. With three stops, we felt like we were able to see a good amount of Switzerland with an wide-array of activities in each spot

Location #1; Zurich, Switzerland

We flew into Zurich and spent the first day there (actually, only 15 hours). We were exhausted from the travel so we just walked around and enjoyed drinks at Morea Cocktail Bar. Our Airbnb was right in the city center and had such a moody feel with great decor. Even though it was quick, we really enjoyed our stay.

Location #2: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

To combat our jetlag, we spent the next two days relaxing in Lake Lucerne at Park Hotel Vitznau. I would highly recommend going to Lake Lucerne and especially staying at this hotel. For dinner on night one, we ate at Das Morgen and enjoyed their tasting menu, this was an amazing meal. Day two was spent at the spa, this was the ultimate relaxation experience, Even though we don’t have kids, I thought it was so sweet that the spa offered kid’s wellness services. Dinner on the second night was spent at Focus Atelier, this is a two-Michelin star restaurant run by award-winning chef Patrick Mahler and this meal was 10/10.

Location #3: Grindelwald, Switzerland

Our final stop in Switzerland was Grindelwald, a very picturesque city. We stayed at Gergwelt Alpine Resort for two nights and it was a true Swiss dream. Day 1 in Grindelwald was spent at the resort spa; Fire & Ice. It is a real sensory experience with saunas, steam baths, pools and ice fountains. This was the wind down that we were looking for. Dinner night 1 was at Hotel Pinte, which was just a short walk from where we were staying. The Pinte serves authentic, traditional Swiss food. To top it all off, Hotel Pinte is the oldest hotel in Grindelwald and has been open since 1843 and the history shines throughout. Day 2 was spent exploring the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch, which is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps. This is an absolute MUST, we really loved this experience.

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