Isla Mujeres is a little island off of Cancun that is only a ferry ride away!

It is a hidden jem and there are so many reasons to put this on your list to places to visit. This tiny island has endless activities to do but also super laid back. This is my second time in three months traveling to Isla (If that tells you anything) We LOVE it here. This time around i definitely learned more places to go, things to see, places to eat, and what to bring.

What To Pack

  1. Bug Spray- I am that person that has 100 mosquito bites when only couple other people have 1-2. I would not forget this.
  2. Sunscreen- This is probably obvious but you can use this as a checklist too.
  3. Water bottle- I always bring my hydro flask on every trip to keep my water cool while exploring the island- (look into brita to filter water too)
  4. Snorkeling goggles… yes for real. If you like swimming in the ocean and don’t want to rent any. Highly recommend bring them.
  5. In 2020 of course hand sanitizer! Almost every restaurant, resort, etc. give you hand sanitizer when walking in the entrance but I honestly didn’t trust it. It didn’t seem to bother any of them when I used my own instead.

How To Get There

First thing we fly into Cancun we use hopper to get cheap flight, from there we use (happy shuttle bus) to get to the (ferries) that will then take you to Isla Mujeres. The shuttle bus ride is about 30 minutes to the ferry. The ferry ride is only about 15 mins and we always sit at the top they will have someone singing it’s actually an enjoying ride to the island.

Once you arrive to Isla there will be taxis waiting outside to take you to your resort. Or you can walk to the golf cart place we used Gomar golf carts (If your luggage will fit on the golf cart.)

TIP: Convert your money to pesos at the airport This will save you a hassle when you arrive

Where To Stay

The Palace Resort- This is where we have stayed both times and love it. It’s all inclusive which isn’t for everyone since there is great food all around the island. But the food as well as the drinks are great at the Palace. It is on the south side of the island with a private beach. If you are familiar with the island North beach is definitely the nicest beach but the palace is only a 15 minute golf cart ride.

Other Resorts:

Privilege Aluxes-My parents have stayed at the Privilege Aluxes and stayed it was a nice stay and cheaper prices than the Palace.

Izla Hotel- We have looked into staying here we have heard great things.

Where To Eat & Drink

My favorite topic : there are sooo many good places

Borracho Burro- Hands down my favorite place with the BEST Pineapple Margaritas and great snacky food and the live music here is always great!

Madera- The food here is so good and the margaritas are 10/10. The are known are the burgers.

The Joint- The sunset here and the frozen Mojitos. Amazing.

Zama Beach Club- Definitely a pricey place but you need to experience this place at least once. The watermelon guacamole & specialty margs are my top favorite. Tip: get their right when they open for little to no crowd.

Beer so cold it makes your teeth hurt- I don’t know the name but you will see the sign & it is across from Madera. Top shelf margaritas & Piña Coladas + the view is amazing (Be careful they are strong.)

Stingray- A fun karaoke bar in town

Soggy Peso- Strong margaritas

Café Mango- Great for breakfast

Limon- The perfect place for a nice dinner. The food is so good and such a cute hole in the wall place for a date night. Must get the pineapple dessert.


Whale Shark Tour- This is such a cool experience. You can find tours daily in season and they will take you on about an 30 minute boat ride to whale sharks and give you gear to jump out of the boat and swimsuit right next to them.

Visit Punta Sur- Its on the end of the island with amazing look outs

The best way to see the island is to drive around on the golf cart and find new places. We don’t normally do a bunch of extra excursions because we enjoy bar & beach hoping.

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