Even though we have only been home for a few weeks, we are off on our next adventure for my 25th birthday trip to Napa, California this weekend, and I’m thrilled to bring you along! Our itinerary is packed with vineyard visits, wine tastings, and delightful exploration. I’ll share all the details soon, but first, let the packing begin. Per usual, I created a capsule wardrobe so that I didn’t have to overpack, all details below. Stay tuned for our Napa adventure!

First things first, my new favorite checked bag. This one has a leg up on all of my others because the expander gives me just enough extra space.

I have a new carry-on bag that I am currently loving and it also significantly improves my travel and airport experience. I am going to use this to pack my bulkier items for this trip like my shoes, toiletries and purses. The convenience factor is even better with a built-in phone holder, cup holder and hook for a small bag.

It should be no surprise to any of you if you have been around here for a while but I of course packed my Calpak Luka Duffel which goes down in my travel hall of fame. The other items I especially love are linked here (don’t sleep on the pill organizer).

For my true travel hall of fame, check out all of my travel favorites on Amazon, these are my tried and true that I can’t live without.

To The Airport:

Tee | Leggings | Shacket | Scarf | Sneakers | Socks

To A Winery #1:

Fur Jacket | Similar Fur Jacket | Skims Like Top | Sneakers | Beanie

To A Winery #2:

Sweater Dress | Denim Vest | Scarf | Boots

To A Winery #4:

Jacket | Tee | Skirt | Brown Tights | Loafers | Earrings

Birthday Look:

Birthday Dress | Tights | Heels | Earrings

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